Hum Pakistan Kaisay Banaian Gay By Qazi Hussain Ahmed

ہم پاکستان کیسا بنائیں گے

قاضی حسین احمد

Hum Pakistan Banaian Gay

Free download or read online Islamic Pamphlets "Hum Pakistan Kaisay Banaian Gay" written By Qazi Hussain Ahmed. Qazi Hussain Ahmad (January 1938 – 6 January 2013) was an Islamic scholar, clergyman, capitalism activist, and above Emir of Jamaat-e-Islami, the rightist and bourgeois autonomous political affair in Pakistan.He was a able analyzer of the counter-terrorism action of the United States, and was broadly accepted for his action to the United States' accord in the war in neighbouring Afghanistan.Qazi was built-in in 1938 in the abode of Maulana Qazi Muhammad Abdul Rab at Ziarat Kaka Sahib, Nowshera District, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Qazi Sahib is brood of abundant Seljoki Sheikh Hazrat Sheikh Akhund Adyan seljuki Baba/Akhuna din Baba ,who was a abecedary of Hazrat kaka sahib and abreast of Khushal Khan Khattak,the altar of sheikh Akhund Adyan is at Akora khattak,the birth of sheikh Akhund Adyan seljoki are blue-blooded as Qazi or Qazyan and mostly are active at ziarat kaka sahib. A abecedary by profession, Maulana knew religious ability and political access to the admeasurement that he was appointed as the President of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Qazi Hussain Ahmed was the youngest a part of his ten siblings. 


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