Zarparast Sarparast by Dr. Saleem Khan

زرپرست سرپرست

ڈاکٹر سلیم خان

Zarparast Sarparast by Dr. Saleem Khan

Free download or read online Urdu novel book "Zarparast Sarparast" written By  Dr. Saleem Khan. Mr. Yusuf A. Raheem, a prestigious Urdu litterateur and columnist has praised Dr. Saleem Khan on arrival of his novel 'Zarparast-Sarparast' (Money Minded Patrons) as of late in London by Mr. Raza Ali Abdi, a columnist and supporter who has worked with the BBC Urdu administration. This is Dr. Saleem Khan's second novel after 'Sikandar ka Mukhadar' (Fortune of a Winner). Mr. Raheem who is likewise general secretary of Yaraan-e-Adab, an artistic association said that Mr. Saleem Khan's compositions talk about the present day issues with which the world is going up against'. He had roused numerous youth with his visionary thoughts, examination, and presentations.


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