Black Water By Jeremy Scahill in Urdu

بلیک واٹر

از جیریمی سکاہل

Black Water By Jeremy Scahill in Urdu

Free Download or read online book Blackwater, In the book World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army composed by  Jeremy Scahill and interpret in Urdu by Rana Naveed Iqbal and Najam Pervez backer distributed by Nation Books in 2007, as a history and investigation of Blackwater USA, now called Academi. It won a George Polk Book Award.The book purposes of interest the climb of Blackwater USA, a private military association, and the improvement of security contracting in the Iraq War and the War on Terrorism. In the book, Scahill fights that Blackwater exists as a procured contender commute, and battles that Blackwater's climb is a result of the retirement of the US military after the Cold War and its overextension in Iraq and Afghanistan. He depicts encourage how Blackwater (at the season of creating) serves in Iraq and Afghanistan like, in his judgment, a Praetorian Guard, guaranteeing top force figures and acknowledging in weakness from the standard commitments and regulations on routine military. Scahill battles that Blackwater's drive was prodded by a moderate Republican conviction framework and that its creator, Erik Prince, has given significant backing in that venue. Blackwater is similarly presented in a couple parts of Pakistan.



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