Tohfa E Dulhan By Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed

تحفہ دُلہن 

 محمد حنیف عبدالمجید

Tohfa E Dulhan By Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed

Free Download or read online Tohfa e Dulhan Written by Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed.In the event that you are getting married or need to know everything about marriage as per islamic standards and ragulations , islamic soul then This book will be such a great amount of significant for you.Gift to Bride,Allah has made man and lady as couples so they might successfully aid one another to lead their lives in a way that satisfies Allah. The gift of heading such a life will be success and satisfaction in this world coupled with pleasure when remaining before Allaah on the Day of Qiyaamah. As a consequence of this, unceasing satisfaction in Jannah will be secured. Nonetheless, this might be attained just when both spouse and wife satisfy one another's rights with the proposition of satisfying Allah. Moreover, the premise for safeguarding love and friendship between the few depends all the more on the shrewdness, tolerance and charming naturedness of the wife. A charming and pleasant wife effectively changes over a home of this world into an enclosure of Jannah. Unexpectedly, a hopeless and poorly natured wife can transform a home into a pit of Jahannam. Not just does she endure the results of her conduct. in any case so does the spouse together with both their families Maulana Mufti Muhammed Haneef (might Allah keep him in peace) has composed this book with the goal that wedded couples may gather from its light and make a climate of affection, empathy and peacefulness in their homes. In doing this, they will be honored with the bounties of the Aakhirah. Might Allah make the book gainful to the Ummah.



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