Takabbur Ka Elaj By Maulana Muhammad Ashraf Ali Thanvi

 تکبر کا علاج

Taqabur Ka Elaaj By Muhammad Ashraf Ali Thanvi

Download or read online islamic urdu pdf book "Takabbur Ka Elaaj" By  Mulana Muhammad Ashraf Ali Thanvi .This sickness is extremely unsafe. It was this same ailment which created Shaytaan to end up rejected. Accordingly, he utilizes this solution, which he had attempted on himself, on individuals without any difficulty, and discovers it to be hundred percent helpful in heading them as tray. This disorder causes a child to battle with his father; an understudy with his instructor; a Mureed with his Shaikh and a slave with Allah Ta'ala. The initially dismisses one in the Divine Court, Shaytaan, was crushed in view of this affliction. Hence, the buzurgs, to spare their companions and servants from this affliction, let them know to be amazingly wary. Because of this affliction, an individual respects himself to be more noteworthy and more prevalent than others in information, love, devotion, riches, honor, acumen or another matter, and he views others as modest and vile. Such an individual is scorned by others on the planet, despite the fact that they may adulate him whilst before him, because of alarm or ravenousness. Such an individual does not acknowledge anybody's recommendation and actually battles with the individuals who prompt him. He doesn't acknowledge reality when somebody lets him know. The truth of pride has been alluded to in the Hadith as.



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