Qurbani Kay Fazail O Masail By Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakarvi

قربانی کے فضائل و مسائل

مفتی عبدالرﺅف سکھروی

Qurbani k fazail O Masail By Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakarvi

Free Download Islamic Urdu Book "Qurbani k fazail O Masail" written By Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakarvi. Brief Discussion about Qurbani Ahkam  and fazahil. Sacrifice, regularly known as Qurbani, means butcher of a creature for the sake of Allah on the tenth, eleventh or twelfth of the Islamic month of Zil Hijjah.Present, as practiced by Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a fundamental religious custom in memory of the offering performed by Prophet Abraham. God put Abraham to a most troublesome trial, the subtle elements of which are portrayed in the Quran. ?O my Lord! Award me (Abraham) an honest (child)!? So We provided for him the uplifting news of a kid prepared to endure and hold back. ?At that point, when the child arrived at the age to work with him, he said: ?O my child I see in a dream that I offer you in tribute: Now say what is your perspective!? (The child) said: ?O My father! Do as you are summoned: You will discover me if God so wills, one drilling quietness and consistency!? So when they had both submitted their wills (to God), and he had made him prostrate all over (for present), We shouted to him: ?O Abraham! You have officially satisfied the vision!? Along these lines surely do we remunerate the individuals who do right. ?For this was clearly a trial and We recovered him with an earth shattering present: and We cleared out (this gift) for him among eras (to come) in later times. 



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