Quran Majeed With Balochi Translation and Tafseer

قرآن بلوچی ترجمہ  و تفسیر

 علامہ قاصی عبدالمجید

Quran Majeed With Balochi Translation and Tafseer

Download first Complete pdf Quran Majeed with Balochi translation and Tafseer ,Translation by Hazrat Allama Qazi Abdul Majeed Sarbazi and Hazrat Maulana Khair Muhammad Nadvi .Waja Khair Muhammad Nadvi (late)  is also a famous figure among the religious circle, he belongs to Lyari Karachi, as he had translated entire Holy Quran in Balochi language. Lyari arranged in the south of Karachi on the shores of Arabian Sea. It is the most seasoned, littlest and thickly populated town of Karachi. Proceeds with carelessness by the leaders of Pakistan it lingers behind as far as framework and administration than another piece of the city. Baloch is the pioneer of this work quarter, on whose, blood and sweat, Karachi turned into a metropolitan city from a minor angling town. The main subjects of Karachi are today deliberately stereotyped by the media and the rulers as the criminal hoodlum, however, Lyari has conceived an offspring numerous craftsmen, sportsman, political and social activists, columnist and educated people. Among numerous one brilliant star of Lyari was Maulana Khair Mohammed Nadvi. File size is 91.4MB download or reads online from below links.


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