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15-line Quran Majeed Taj Company PDF

Quran Kareem Taj Company Download

Free download or read online Quran Majeed Taj Company (15-line) in Arabi .Taj Company was fused in Lahore under the Companies' Act (1913) on May 14, 1929 as a Public Limited Company. It began with a little capital however in a brief time it secured a huge separation. It was on the grounds that there was a huge space in the business with respect to Printing and Publishing of The Holy Quran. Individuals needed to have a brand that they could trust for validness and nature of The Holy Quran. The organization is perceived as the most well known printing and distributed house for the distributed of The Holy Quran everywhere throughout the world.dehli and Mumbai business locales were well known before allotment. Prides and leaders of the Muslim states exceptionally request and utilization to present Taj Company's printed Holy Quran since the past.taj Company not just printed The Holy Quran inside the nation additionally utilized supply chains from outside. Printings from Germany, Italy and Holland are a portion of the fine printings regardless are accessible in the individual library of Taj Company.



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  1. thanks. I was searching for the same as I have the hard copy i.e. Qauran Majeed 15 lines Taj company very help full for Hifz

  2. sir i need 15 line Quran pak by taj company. jis men end of the page ayat khatam nhi hoti. plz nawazish hogi