Maghrabi Tehzeeb Meetha Zehar By Moulan Shah Abrar Ul Haq

Magrabi Tehzeeb Metha Zehar By Moulan Shah Abrar Ul Haq

Free download or read online Islamic Urdu book "Maghrabi Tehzeeb Meetha Zehar" written By Moulan Shah Abrar Ul Haq.The impersonation independently and socially of the Western mode of life by Muslims is without a doubt the most serious risk for the presence or rather, the restoration of Islamic civilization. The source of this social ailment (it is scarcely conceivable to call it overall) goes back a few decades and is associated with the surrender all expectations regarding Muslims who saw the material power and advancement of the West and differentiated it with the miserable state of their own general public. Out of Muslim lack of awareness of the genuine teachings of Islam generally because of the slender ­minded mentality of the alleged ʻulamā' class emerged the thought that Muslims may not have the capacity to keep pace with the advancement of whatever is left of the world unless they received the social and monetary guidelines of the West. The Muslim world was stagnant; and numerous Muslims reached the extremely shallow conclusion that the Islamic arrangement of society and matters of trade and profit is not perfect with the prerequisites of advancement, and ought to, accordingly, be altered on Western lines. Those "illuminated" individuals did not inconvenience to ask how far Islam, as an instructing, was in charge of the wantonness of the Muslims: they didn't stop to research the true philosophy of Islam.



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