Computer Hardware Urdu Technical Book Tutorial Free PDF Download

Computer Hardware Urdu Book Tutorial

This E book giving complete data and excercise about Personal machine parts and programming in Urdu dialect .With this digital book you'll have the capacity to find Computer framework technologies,microsoft Home windows,functioning units and application installation.its totally blanket systems design and troubleshooting.Equipment, in the machine world, alludes to the physical segments that make up a machine system.there are numerous various types of fittings that might be introduced inside, and associated with the outside, of a computer.take a visit inside a desktop machine to figure out how all the equipment in a conventional PC join together to make the complete machine framework like the one you may be utilizing right are some normal individual machine fittings parts that you'll frequently find inside a present day machine. In a desktop machine, these parts are found inside the case.motherboard,central Processing Unit (Cpu),random Access Memory (Ram),power Supply,video Card,hard Drive (Hdd),solid-State Drive (Ssd),optical Drive (e.g. BD/DVD/CD drive),card Reader, Here is some basic fittings that you may discover associated with the outside of a computer.monitor,keyboard,mouse,printer and speaker.



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