Altaf al-Quds by Shah Wali-ullah Dehlavi In Urdu

Altaf al-Quds by Shah Wali-ullah Dehlavi

Free Download or read online Islamic Sufism Urdu book Altaf al-Quds composed By Hazrat Shah Wali-ullah Muhaddith Dehlavi (d. 1762) , Furthermore Translated in Urdu by Sayyid Muhammad Faruq al-Qadri.the insider facts of otherworldly Lata'if (pl. of Latifa, for example, Aql, Nafs, Qalb, Ruh, Sirr, Khafi, Akhfa, etc..this imperative report, by one of the later extraordinary Sufi types of the Islamic convention, is respected in both East and West as a principal content. Of vitality to both researchers and sincere understudies, demonstrates how the eighteenth century otherworldly of Delhi releases his assignment. In Waliullah words: "The reason behind composing this talk is that just those issues relating to observation and the otherworldly revealing are said." The Sacred Knowledge of the Higher Functions of the Mind.This eighteenth century presentation of recondite information is clear and exceptionally lucid. The refinement and connection in the middle of heart and insightfulness are clarified in the setting of the idea that the spirit has a few parts (a thought communicated in the Kabbalah and different types of enchantment).



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