Aalo ki Kasht (Potato Farming) Urdu Booklet

آلو کی کاشت

Aalo ki Kasht (Potato Farming) Urdu book

Download or read online Urdu horticulture booklet about guiding of potato farming. Pakistan is honored with four seasons, having perfect natural conditions for differentiated farming creation frameworks. All out geological territory of Pakistan is 79.6 million hectares going from incredible Himalayas to fruitful Indus bowl and forsook territories in Sindh and Baluchistan. Shortly out of this aggregate range, just 24.6 million hectares is under development including 4.2 million hectares secured with woods. Remaining territory represents betrayed, bumpy and infertile terrains. Region delegated watered is around 18 million hectares while 6.6 million hectares is subjected to regular parched ecological conditions, totally relying on characteristic precipitation to meet the harvest watering system requirements.agriculture area assumes the part of spine for the nation relating to its financial matters. Commitment of this division to National Gross Domestic Production is 21.62% and includes around 44.7% of the aggregate livelihood of the nation. There is no squinting the way that farming is the area which can possibly be investigated for improvement of financially strained circumstances, in which our nation is snared. Generous development of horticulture segment won't just handle the threat of sustenance security yet will likewise resolve the extreme issue of unemployment to incredible degree. Agronomic and in addition plant yields are of extraordinary essentialness for bolstering the 200 million individuals of the nation. Major plant produce of the nation are vegetable and soil grown foods crops. Among the vegetables potato positions higher position with respect to zone under development and aggregate yield.



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