Aagha Khaniyat Ulama E Ummat K Nazar Main

AghaKhaniyat Ulama E Ummat K Nazar Main

Free download or read online free Urdu pdf Book "Aagha Khaniyat Ulama-e-Ummat Ki Nazar Mein" and investigate one of the most noticeably awful Fitna against Islam in Urdu dialect. Aagha Khaniyat Ulama-e-Ummat Ki Nazar Mein is created by Maulana Faiz Ullah Chitrali who is a well known Islamic researcher from Chitral, Pakistan. This Urdu book is about the Fitna of Agha Khani, the composed has  examined the opposition to Islamic exercises of Aagha Khani activists. The creator Mr. Faizullah Chitrali has additionally gathered the Fitwas (Edicts) against Aagha Khanis of diverse prominent Islamic researchers in this Urdu book. Aagha Khanis are otherwise called Ismailis, who are proclaimed non Muslims. This Urdu book is about this Fitna, you will likewise take in the historical backdrop of this Fitna in this Urdu book Aagha Khaniyat Ulama-e-Ummat Ki Nazar Mein. You can free download or read online this book in Pdf form beneath.



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