Tareekh E Jinnat O Shiateen by Maulana Imdad Ullah Anwar

Tareekh E Jinnat O Shiateen

Free Download or read online pdf Urdu Book  "Tareekh-e-Jinnat o Shayateen" wrote by Imam Jalal Uddin Suyuti who was a Muslim King and the writer of more than 7 hundred books, he generally gathered Hadiths in his books. This book is deciphered into Urdu dialect and altered by Maulana Imdad Ullah Anwar. Tareekh-e-Jinnat O Shayateen, is a Urdu book about the historical backdrop of Satan and Jinn. The historical backdrop of Jinn and Shiateen are described in the light of Islam in Urdu dialect. The creator Imam Jalal Uddin. This is a point of interest book about Iblees and Jinn and their histories. This book is really the Urdu interpretation of Egyptian Arabic book (Luqtul Marjan charge Ahkamil Jan). The interpreter of the book Maulana Imdad Ullah Anwar has made a few increases in this book e.g he has composed a complete memoir of the writer Imam Jalal Uddin Suyuti.. If you don't mind note that you will need to have PDF Reader introduced in your machine with a specific end goal to peruse the book in the wake of having it downloaded.is first biggest urdu books library on Internet. You can read and Download English to Urdu Dictionaries Islamic books,technicals books, Urdu Novels, Urdu Stories, file size is 96.24MB.



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