Sultan Sikandar Lodhi By Aslam Rahi M.A PDF Urdu Book Free Download

Sultan Sikandar Lodhi By Aslam Rahi M.A

Sultan Sikandar Lodhi PDF book composed by Aslam Rahi M.a. Sultan Skindar Lodhi was the second child of Sultan Behlool Lodhi and the second sultan of Lodhi Empire of Dehli. Sultan Skindar Lodhi was an incredible and fearless pioneer of individuals. This book is a complete account and history of ruler Skindar lodhi,sultan Sikandar Lodi conceived Nizam Khan, was the Sultan of Delhi between 1489 to 1517. He turned into the following leader of the Lodi line after the passing of his father Bahlul Khan in July 1489. The second and best leader of the Lodi tradition of the Delhi sultanate He was additionally a writer of the Persian dialect and arranged a diwan of 9000 verses.died November 21, 1517.sikandar was the child of Sultan Bahlul Khan Lodi and Bibi Ambha, the little girl of a Hindu goldsmith of Sirhind. Sikandar was of Pashtun birthplace through his father.he got to be Sultan upon the passing of his father on July 17, 1489. His ascent to power was troublesome, with his more seasoned sibling, Barbak Shah, the emissary of Jaunpur, additionally staking a case to the throne regardless of their father's selection of Sikandar. Be that as it may, he could guarantee the throne through designation and could keep away from huge slaughter. Truth be told, he permitted his sibling to continue overseeing Jaunpur, while likewise settling contrasts with an uncle, Alam Khan, who was additionally associated with usurping the throne.Download or read online pdf file from below links.



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