Sonay Jagnay Kay Adaab o Azkaar By Dr.Farhat Hashmi

سونےجاگنے کے آداب و اذکار

Sonay Jagnay Kay Adaab

Download islamic Urdu book Sonay Jagnay Kay Adaab o Azkaar By Dr.Farhat Hashmi (Etiquettes and supplications for sleeping and waking up).Behaviors of resting and awakening. It's such a fundamental thing. Do we truly need to know? yes! We do.gathering data is simple yet actualizing on it is the hardest part. We know the manners of dozing & awakening why its so tricky to follow up on it.a momin's life style is as per the route told by Allah swt and His to begin following up on the decorums set by our Creator, let us set some goals(sleep at night,work in the daytime,do those errands which pleases,organise your time,make great resting habits,a Proverb; right on time to couch, ahead of schedule to climb. Makes a man solid, rich and wise.make 24 hours an ebadah by doing what satisfies Allah just!If you don't mind note that you will need to have PDF Reader introduced in your machine with a specific end goal to peruse the book in the wake of having it first biggest urdu books library on Internet. You can read and Download English to Urdu Dictionaries Islamic books. His all Islamic books are still very popular everywhere. Below we uploaded Islamic book here in PDF Format. If you want more book of any other writer then use the comment box below. Hopefully we will upload your choice.



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