Karachi Sindh Ji Marvi By Gul Hassan Kalmati

ڪراچي سنڌ جي مارئي

  گل حسن ڪلمتي

Karachi Sindh Ji Mahri By Gul Hassan Kalmati

Today I have gone over an eminent book on Karachi's history entitled "Karachi Sindh Ji Marvi", it contains significant articles, maps and photos about Karachi in Sindhi Languages . Book is in Sindhi composed by an indigenous Sindhi author Gul Hassan Kalmati, who is an inhabitant of Gadap Town, Karachi's most seasoned territory. The Book recounts the story of Karachi, its extension and improvement (or De-advancement), notable foundations of its living arrangements, The book is an incredible underneath to the individuals who consider Karachi the city of migrants from India. This is one of the bona fide source on present day history of the city. In spite of the fact that the book concentrates on post-British and post freedom time of history yet it does through light on Arab-period history.The book contains the imperative data as to archeological spots of Karachi, its old names, its depiction in old books including Ramayan and greek books, its celebrated identities, its demographical segments prior and then afterward segment and other critical material, we Karachiites and all Pakistanis ought to know.  Free Download Or Read Online Sindhi book Karachi Sindh ji Marvi written By Gul hassan kalmati in pdf file format .A brief description about history of karachi in sindhi languages .

گل حسن ڪلمتي سنڌ جي انهن ليکڪن مان آهي جن ڪراچي جي تاريخ کي دستاويزي انداز سان سهيڙيو آهي۔ سندس تاريخي ڪتاب ڪراچي سنڌ جي مارئي انهن ڪتابن مان آهي جنهن ۾ ڪراچي جي اوائلي تاريخ، جاين، ڪردارن ۽ ماڳن بابت ڄاڻ ڏنل آهي۔ 882 صفحن تي مشتمل هن ڪتاب جو پهريون ايڊيشن ڪاڇو پبليڪيشن پاران 2007 ۾ ڇپايو ويو۔ هي تاريخي ڪتاب اوهان سڄڻن سان محترم محمد قاسم جي مهربانين سان پيش ڪري رهيا آهيون۔



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