Jinsiyati Mutaley by Abbas Jalalpuri Free Download Urdu Best Book

Jinsiyati Mutaaleiy by Abbas Jalalpuri

A study of sex in urdu languages , read online or download book in PDF format for your offline use. Jinsiyati Mutaaleiy written  by Abbas Jalalpuri. Prof. Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri was a teacher of reasoning in Government College Lahore. He is respected by the erudite people of Pakistan as the Will Durant of Pakistan. He had Master's degrees in Philosophy, Persian and Urdu. He composed more than fourteen books on Philosophy, History, and Religion in Urdu dialect. He was known as a top notch researcher, and his books appeared to messenger a time of reason in Pakistan. His assumptions on the subjects of history, development, religion, reasoning, power, legends are held in extraordinary regard. In his most prominent work, Riwayat-e-Falsafa (Story of Philosophy), he attempted to instruct a typical Urdu peruser on the subject of Philosophy. This book filled its need in advancing the subject it examined like Will Durant's The Story of Philosophy. Like The Dictionnaire Historique et Critique of Pierre Bayle and The Philosophical Dictionary of Voltaire, he composed a philosophical lexicon, 'Khird Nama Jalalpuri' to clarify subject's wordings in Urdu. He likewise composed "Jinsiyati Mutaley" (A Study of Sex), which displayed an incredible examination chip away at the subject in Urdu dialect.



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