Jin Jadu Ya Nafsiyati Amraz by Dr. Azeez Ahmad Qadri

Jin Jadu Ya Nafsiyati Amraz

An alternate book Jinns and enchantment "Jin Jadu Ya Nafsiyati Amraz" composed by Dr. Azeez Ahmad Qadri in Urdu dialect. In this book he has spotlighted the relations between the mental sicknesses and Jinns and magics and so on. The book "Jin Jadu Ya Nafsiyati Amraz" (Either Jinns and Magic genuine or mental diseases).this book is his incredible occupation on the grounds that numerous individuals does not have confidence in Jinns and Magic while numerous do. By perusing this book your origination about Jinns and Magic will be cleared. Dr. Azeez Ahmad Qadri is a qualified therapist and concerned to this field since 1982. Read all the more about Dr. Azeez Ahmad Qadri. I trust you will get fulfillment from this book. ‘Jinn, Magic or Mental Illness?’ by Dr Aziz Ahmed Quadri is a masterwork that helps us protect and strengthen our belief in Islamic monotheism (Tawheed). We all know Tawheed is fundamental to our belief. In this book, Dr Quadri, on the basis of his long experience, has proved that ninety-nine per cent people believe that ninety-nine per cent psychotic diseases are an effect of magic! And for treatment, they approach witch doctors, instead of psychiatrists, and spend precious time and money. The most worrisome aspect of the treatment offered by the so-called witch doctors/spiritual healers is that people face the risk of losing their faith in Tawheed. Free Download or read online urdu pdf book from given below links.

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