Hijamah (cupping Therapy) in Urdu Free Download


Hijamah (cupping Therapy) in Urdu

E Pamphlets about Hijamah (cupping Therapy) in Urdu. Hijama (sucking) is the Arabic name in customary pharmaceutical for wet measuring, where blood is drawn by vacuum from a little skin entry point for remedial purposes. It is accounted for that the Islamic prophet Muhammad said, "To be sure the best of cures you have is hijama, and if there was something fantastic to be utilized as a cure then it is hijama.hijama could be performed practically anyplace on the body, frequently at the site of a throb or torment with a specific end goal to straightforwardness or reduce it. A more preservationist methodology cautions against over utilization of measuring and recommends just that six ideal focuses on the body are all that is obliged to "clean" the whole cardiovascular framework. The area is initially shaved, if fundamental, to guarantee a tight seal with the glass. The mouth of a container (metal, glass and plastic glasses are for the most part utilized, in spite of the fact that generally horns were utilized) is set on the skin at the site picked for hijama. At that point a tight seal is created.the customary technique is to smolder a little bit of paper or cotton inside the vessel, so the mouth of the glass sticks to the skin.



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