Hasheshan By Sir Henry Sharp Translated Fatima Begum

Hasheshan By Fatima Begum

Free Download or read online Pdf Urdu History Book The Assassins  "Hasheshan" By Sir Henry Sharp Translated in Urdu Fatima Begum.To begin with Edition. Sir Henry Sharp 1869-1954, was an Indian pilgrim head who composed a few accurate books about india and its history. This is his rare novel situated in Persia in the twelfth century in which the Introduction states: This is the historical backdrop of Kasim receptacle Salaimulla, and he that let it know to me was Maqdad container Muadh, of the tribe of Ad. He let it know to me in the year of the Hegira 658, in the month of Ramadan, in the city of Maragha, which is in the region if Azarbaijan. A story of the escapades of a young person sent by the Caliph of Bagdad to invade the Assassins, the mystery request of the Ismaili faction of Islam who constantly slaughtered the focused on people with a blade.The Assassins ( حشّاشين‎ ) were a request of Nizari Ismailis, especially those of Persia and Syria, that framed in the late eleventh century. In time, the request started to represent a solid military risk to Sunni Seljuq power inside the Persian regions by catching and possessing numerous mountain fortifications under the initiative of Hassan.



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