Fast Action an Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem Urdu Novel PDF Download

فاسٹ ایکشن

Fast Action Imran Series

Imran Series is one of the top rated Urdu spy books arrangement made by Pakistani scholar Ibn-e-Safi. Ali Imran is the critical character, a diverting mystery executor who controls the Secret Service as X-2 yet has all the earmarks of being a non genuine national who as a free lancer works for the Secret Service. But a handful of individuals, nobody knows his status being the head of the Service. The main book, Khaufnaak Imarat (The Terrifying Building), was distributed in October 1955. In ahead of schedule books Imran shows up as a performance criminologist, then again, later he is depicted as the head of Secret Service as X-2. After Ibn-e-Safi,s downfall numerous individuals endeavored to compose Imran Series yet nobody could constantly created this sort of Urdu books with the exception of Mazhar Kaleem. Kaleem delivered more Imran arrangement books than Ibn-e-Safi and has a wide readership and immense number of fans. He has been composing these books for the life time of Ibn-e-Safi and consistently creates Imran Series books till date.



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