Chand Aam Bimaariyaan by Husain Farooqi Urdu Health Books Free

Chand Aam Bimaariyaan by Husain Farooqi

Free Download for offline reading or read online pdf Urdu book Chand Aam Bimaariyaan (Fourth Edition) written by Husain Farooqi. The accompanying is a book of the most well-known irresistible maladies all through the world today. Exact caseload numbers are hard to focus, particularly on the grounds that so a hefty portion of these infections are endemic to creating nations, where numerous individuals don't have admittance to advanced therapeutic consideration. Pretty nearly 50% of all passings brought about by irresistible illnesses every year could be ascribed to only three maladies: tuberculosis, jungle fever, and AIDS. Together, these illnesses cause in excess of 300 million ailments and more than 5 million passings every year.the list does exclude infections that have gotten a lot of media consideration lately, for example, Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever or West Nile Virus  however which indeed have contaminated a generally little number of individuals.



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