Amraaz Aur Unki Haqeeqat by Hakeem M.Hisham Siddiqi Urdu Books

Amraaz Aur Unki Haqeeqat by Hakeem M.Hisham Siddiqi

Amraaz Aur Unki Haqeeqat by Hakeem M.Hisham Siddiqi a Compelet Medical PDF Urdu Book, Free Download or read online . Read about different type of diseases,A sickness is a specific unusual, neurotic condition that influences part or the majority of a living being. It is regularly understood as a restorative condition connected with particular side effects and signs. It may be created by variables initially from an outside source, for example, irresistible malady, or it may be brought on by inward dysfunctions, for example, immune system ailments. In people, "infection" is regularly utilized all the more extensively to allude to any condition that causes torment, brokenness, trouble, social issues, or passing to the individual tormented, or comparable issues for those in contact with the individual. In this more extensive sense, it now and again incorporates wounds, handicaps, issue, disorders, diseases, separated manifestations, degenerate practices, and atypical varieties of structure and capacity, while in different connections and for different purposes these may be viewed as recognizable classes. Maladies generally influence individuals physically, as well as inwardly, as contracting and living with numerous infections can adjust one's point of view on life, and one's identity.



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