Khatarnak Dushman By Ibne Safi Free Download

خطرناک دشمن

Khatarnak Dushman  by Ibne Safi

Free download or read online complete Urdu novel Khatarnak Dushman (The Dangerous Enemy) by Ibne Safi . Ibne Safi (1928-1980) is the pseudonym of Asrar Ahmad, the top of the line and most famous creator of riddle and investigator books in the historical backdrop of the Indian Subcontinent's Urdu writing. His introductory works go again to the early 1940s, when he composed from India. After the parcel in 1947, he relocated to Pakistan, and penned his later books there. So solid was Ibne Safi's effect on the Subcontinent's abstract scene that his books were interpreted into a few local dialects. It was not bizarre for Safi's books to be sold at bootleg market costs in Pakistan and India, where they were initially distributed consistently.



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