Hassas Idaray written by Syed Ahmad Irshad Trimizi

Hassas Idaray

An alternate intriguing book about undercover work "Hassas Idaray" and find the shrouded truths about Pakistan's mystery administrations and governmental issues. Hassas Idaray Urdu book is really the Urdu adaptation of Mr. Irshad Tirmizi's book "Profiles of Intelligence". Hassas Idaray book is an extremely intriguing and may be an extraordinary Urdu book about Pakistan's ISI on the grounds that the writer of this book Mr. Irshad Tirmizi is a resigned Brigadier and previous Directorate General of ISI. In this book he has composed different occasions since Pakistan started to exist. He has likewise uncovered numerous different occasions that are currently the parts of history. The creator expressed a few stories of the counter insights of ISI in Pakistan. Mr. Tirmizi has likewise scrutinized the CIA and US in this Urdu book. The writer has additionally composed the story of Islamic unrest of Iran, the Lebia, Israel, India, United States of America, Russia. He has likewise examined the negative part of America in Pak-French kinship and diverse assentions between the two nations. He has likewise composed a story of French negotiator who was included in undercover work of Kahuta Research Center without the consent of France only for CIA.Free download or read online from below links.



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