Daur-e-Jadeed Ka Musaleema-e-Kazzab Gohar Shahi Islami Urdu Kitab

Daur-e-Jadeed Ka Musaleema-e-Kazzab Gohar Shahi

Investigate about the most recent Fitna in Urdu dialect. This Urdu book is about Fitna-e-Gohar Shahi which is viewed as the most recent Fitna against Islam in the sub-landmass. Daur-e-Jadeed Ka Maseelma Kazzab Gohar Shahi Urdu book is composed by Maulana Mufti Nizam Uddin Shamzai (Martyred) and gathered by Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri. In this Urdu book the famous evil spirit Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi who denied the verses and each of the 30 sections of the Holy Qur'aan, he additionally guaranteed that Islam is not vital for the life after death. In this Urdu book all the self imagined religious convictions and speculations of Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi were severely uncovered by Mufti Nizam Uddin Shamzai and Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri. The writer has expounded on the false conviction of devil Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi. The creator has likewise contrasted Gohar Shahi and the Fitna-e-Qadyani.Free download or read online free Urdu Pdf book "Daur-e-Jadeed Ka Maseelma Kazzab Gohar Shahi" . You can free download or read online this free Urdu book from the underneath connections after the example pages.



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