Dard Alamat Aur Elaaj By Hakeem Abu Sa'adi Khalid Javed

Dard Alamat Aur Elaaj By Hakeem Abu Sa'adi

Free download or read online Dard Alamat Aur Elaaj By Hakeem Abu Sa'adi  Khalid Javed. Examine about  the human ailments found in Asia .This Book is about Different Common Diseases in India and Pakistan. You can get the abstract of diseases and their treatment here. Abstract and Treatment of diverse ailments are given here in Urdu. .This Pdf Book hold data and cure of all illnesses that called bemariyan in Urdu. A sound lifestyle can help you flourish for the duration of your life. Making sound decisions isn't generally simple, nonetheless. It might be elusive the time and vitality to practice normally or get ready sound suppers. Nonetheless, your deliberations will pay off from numerous points of view, and for whatever remains of your life.This data is for instructive purposes just and is not planned to supplant the guidance of your specialist or social insurance supplier. We urge you to examine with your specialist any inquiries or concerns you may have. 



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