Aur Talwaar Tout Gai by Naseem Hijazi Complete

Aur Talwaar Tout Gai by Naseem Hijazi

Aur Talwar Toot Gai  is a Complete Classic Urdu Novel by Muhammad Naseem Hijazi .Nasim Hijazi( 1914- March 1996) was a Urdu journalist. He was conceived at the town of Sujaanpur close town Dhariwal, region Gurdaspur, Punjab, before the freedom of Pakistan and settled in Lahore in 1947. He existed the majority of his life in Pakistan and passed on in March 1996.Naseem Hijazi bases the majority of his work in Islamic history. In managing this history, he indicates both the ascent and fall of the Islamic Empire.The second book, Aur Talwar Toot Gayee (And the Sword is Broken) is all the more about Haider's child Sultan Tipu where the same character is discovering his dreams being satisfied in Tipu's valiant attempts against the British East India Company. The book comes full circle in the tragic and awkward affliction of Sultan Tipu. 



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