Aatish Parast by Aslam Rahi Free Download

Aatish Parast by Aslam Rahi

Aatish Parast by Aslam Rahi is an islamic noteworthy novel on the connivances of crushed Zoroastrian of Iran and Ruler of Qustuntunia Nofel container Mekhyl against Islamic Government and Ruler Abu Ishaq Muatsam. The novel delineates the history, when the Nofel container Mekhyl wanted to attack Islamic Central State from 3 sides by 3 separate adversaries, some common some contracted through cash and impetuses. We trust our Islamic Historic Novels darling will love this story of grit, boldness and shrewdness of incredible Islamic ruler and his armed force generals.aslam Rahi M.a is a standout amongst the most mainstream Novelist of Pakistan. Aslam Rahi is a well known author authors in their number is extensive. You have composed a considerable measure of books. Which regularly incorporate recorded and sentimental books.



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