Aalam e Barzakh K Ibrat Angaiz Waqyaat Islamic Urdu Books PDF

Aalam e Barzakh Ke Ibrat Angaiz Waqyaat

Aalam -e- Barzakh Kay Ibrat Angaiz Waqyaat  is an extremely well known book composed by Shaykh Hafiz Momin Khan Usmani. Holding the stories of after death.Barzakh ( برزخ) is an Arabic word signifying "obstruction", "obstacle", "partition", or "boundary". In Islamic eschatology, however to a great extent up to understanding, al-Barzakh is by and large seen as the hindrance between the physical and profound planets, in which the spirit anticipates after death and before revival on Qiyamah (Judgment Day). Kindly bear in mind to impart it on facebook and twitter.Download or read online pdf file  from below links.



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