Musa Bin Nusayr by Almas MA Free Urdu Book PDF Download

موسى بن نصير

Musa bin Nuser by Almas MA

 Download Free or read online an alternate chronicled Urdu novel "Moosa Bin Naseer" and learn everything about Musa Bin Nusair in Urdu dialect. Moosa Bin Naseer Pdf Urdu novel is wrote by Almas M.a who is a well known Urdu writer.Musa bin Nusayr ( 640–716) served as a governor and general under the Umayyad caliph Al-Walid I. He led over the Muslim territories of North Africa (Ifriqiya), and steered the Islamic victory of the Visigothic Kingdom in Hispania (Spain, Portugal, Andorra and some piece of France.Destined to an Arab tribe that existed on the outskirts of the Zoroastrian Persian Empire, west of the River Euphrates in 640 CE (19 AH), Musa bin Nusayr, a dark Arab, grew up throughout the superb rule of Umar Al-Farouk.



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