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1. The activity is focused about mapping Hindi characters to their apropos Urdu characters. For this acquittal Urdu Lexicon (word rundown) has not yet been accustomed because of which the appliance may carelessness to analyze the exact Urdu characters at whatever point there are added than one Urdu characters for one Hindi character. A brace of illustrations for such a bonds is accustomed beneath: (a). The appearance त (ta) in Hindi has two identical characters ت (tay) and ط (toein) in Urdu, afresh again, the arrangement maps ت (tay) assimilate त (ta) at whatever point it adventures it. (b). The devanagari appearance ज़ (za) for which there are ز(zay), ض(zoad), ذ(zal) and ظ(zoin) characters, yet the arrangement util Notwithstanding this there are few altered cases like this. 2. The Arabic vowels in the transliterated Hindi agreeable are additionally not appropriate at specific focuses. For instance, you may see ع rather than الف at a brace of spots (case in point, the adage मालूम (maaloom) is transliterated as مالُوم). Other such beat clashes appear in the average of و and ‎ؤ , الف and ہ and so on. 3. It is analytical to agenda that the artefact is a adaptation (and NOT interpretation) programming, appropriately it will not accomplish an estimation of hindi words to urdu, infact it will just change the script. 4. The artefact has been approved for window XP just and could possibly accord with windows 2000. In any case, it will absolutely not dent abroad at above-mentioned forms of windows.


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