Aaye Dajjal Ko Pehchane By Sheikh Maqsud Ul Hasan

Aaye Dajjal Ko Pehchane

Download and take in who is Anti-christ? an alternate Islamic Urdu book about Antichrist (Dajjal) "Aaye Dajjal Ko Pehchane" composed by Sheik Maqsud Ul Hasan Faizy, in the light of Islam. The book name "Aaye Dajjal Ko Pehchane" signifies "come and know who is Antichrist. In the said book "Aaye Dajjal Ko Pehchane", Mr, Sheik has spotlighted the indications of Antichrist concurring Islamic perspective. This is a short book about 4 pages yet its important to peruse this, In the said book you will discover some of acclaimed Hadiths about Antichrist, Do not miss to download this book.



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