Safarnama Spain wa Palestine By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Safarnama Spain wa Palestine

This book holds those two ventures – go of Spain and go of  Palestine – which were made by the writer at partitioned times. Despite the fact that this record of voyages is just a record of ventures and not the historical backdrop of Spain or Palestine yet not in the straightforward sense. Rather it is an investigation of a delegate page of long history of Muslim Ummah. It is other than being a collection of the Past and a direction for the present a happy tiding for what's to come additionally. In creator's own particular words, both these ventures were of exploratory sort for him. He focused on that I rediscovered Spain and Palestine throughout these voyages. Most remarkable characteristic of the book is that in it an investigation of Muslim Spain has been directed in appreciation with edification it gives while the greater part of the researchers study Muslim Spain in the form of a historical tragedy or in the form of a lost paradise. 



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