Dunnya Aur Us Ki Haqeeqat By Haroon Yaha

Dunnya Aur Us Ki Haqeeqt
The Translated Book  of  "The Truth Of The Life Of This World"
This woman is in her seventies. Have you ever wondered how somebody her age would evaluate her life?If he recalls anything about her life,it is surely that it was a "fleeting life". He would basically comment that her life has not been a "long" as he dreamed in her teenagers it would be. It probably never crossed her mind that day he would grow so elderly. Yet now, he is overwhelmed by the fact that he's put seventy years behind her. Earlier in life, he probably never thought that her youth & its desires would pass so quickly. If he were asked late in life to tell her story, her reminiscences would only make a or six-hour talk. That is all that remains from what he says was "a long life of seventy years".The feasible answers to these questions fall in to major categories: those given by individuals who trust Allah & those given by disbelievers who do not trust Him.The mind of a person, worn out with age, is occupied with plenty of questions. These are actually important questions to think about & answering them truthfully is essential to understanding all aspects of life: "What is the purpose of this life that passes so quickly? Why ought to I stay positive with all the age-related issues I have? What will the future bring?"


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