Chewnnti Nama By Hafeez Jhalandari

Chewnnti Nama By Hafeez Jhalandari

                                                  ہر فرد کے لیے نوعِ انسانی سے بہت پہلے
                                            کی مہذب و متمدن مخلوق ِ خدا کی سبق آموز کہانی

Ants build many various kinds of homes. several ants build easy very little mounds out of dirt or sand. different ants use little sticks mixed with dirt and sand to form a stronger mound that provides protection from rain. Western Harvester ants create atiny low mound on prime, then again tunnel up to fifteen feet straight right down to hibernate throughout winter. hymenopteron mounds comprises several chambers connected by tunnels. completely different chambers square measure used for nurseries, food storage, and resting places for the employee ants. Some ants board wood like termites. Army ants do not create a home in any respect however travel in massive teams sorting out food.



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