Qasam Us Waqt Ki By Abu Yahya Free Urdu Books PDF Download

Exploring intricacies of three-d struggles at intervals human self, Abu Yahya builds here a promising narrative resulting in final divinity accounts that were a part of his last book, 'Jab Zindagi Shuroo Hogi'. within the fashionable age, once materialistic illusions of this life ar unceasingly blurring the lines between belief and disbelief, this can be a superb literary effort within the divinity fictional tradition of poet and Arouet. however not like poet and Arouet, Abu Yahya ultimately desires to steer his reader towards the opposite extreme of the spectrum, that is, of a dedicated and resolute belief in a very transcendent significant God. during this sense, this a ground breaking effort by a Muslim scholar restorative the monotheism dialectic fiction of twelfth Century, of that Ibn Tufayl was a pioneer.French and German enlightenment of seventeenth and eighteenth Century is currently touching Muslim societies and through Islam's sojourn into currentness, a unceasingly enquiring mind is, of course, being equipped with the tools to question higher truths that were once equipped apriori by the faith. during this scenery, correct Yahya comes up with protagonists that engrossingly represent this final tension between reason and revelation. the final word product could be a made narrative with themes exploring agnosticism, atheism, man's final struggle to create the sense of God and truthfulness of divinatory missions on this earth.