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Haspania Se America Tak by Mufti Abu Lubana Shah Mansoor

Haspania Se America Tak by Mufti Abu Lubana Shah Mansoor

From Spain to USA 

Historical story from the fall of Spain to the discovery of USA  in Urdu.Download or apprehend on band chargeless Urdu book "Haspania Se America Tak" (From Spain To America), authored by Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor whos antecedent books about Dajjal were aswell admired by abounding humans . The said book is about the atrocity of Christians extremists that were started with the boot of Muslims from Spain till the analysis of Northern America. According to the columnist Mr. Mufti Abu Lubaba, this book will betrayal all the secrets about the abhorrence and acrimony of America with the Muslim world. He adds that the Muslim Ummah and added afflicted nations are not blessed from American policies. In this book Haspania se america tak, Mufti Abu Lubaba has compared the atrocity of United States with the atrocity of Hitler, Halagu Khan and Genghis Khan. He has aswell mentioned the amount of humans dead by the above humans and State. In the said book the columnist has declared the Spain as a absent Paradise for the Muslims while America as a hell called by the Muslims. After the beginning of this book, the belief starts from the 7th century. This book is aswell absorbing like added books of Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu Lubaba. You can download chargeless or apprehend online this book from below links.



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