Dr. A Q Khan per lagy ilzamat By Syed Asim Mahmood

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan per lagy ilzamat ki asal haqeeqat

This book about on Dr .Abdul Qadeer Khan ,in this books details about behavior of Pakistani politicals ,ISI and CIA who  blamed on Dr  A.q Khan.Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is the acknowledged hero of Pakistan's nuclear saga. Called "the ancestor of the Islamic bomb," Dr. Khan pioneered and led Pakistan's accomplishment to adorn uranium with gas centrifuges. In 1976 he took allegation of the backstairs Engineering Research Laboratories at Kahuta, now called the A.Q. Khan Research Laboratories in his honor, area he accumulated the accouterment and manpower it would yield to aftermath weapon-grade uranium. Khan recruited array of Pakistani scientists active away to plan with him at Kahuta, boasting that "the scientists and engineers whom I recruited had never heard of a centrifuge, even admitting some of them were Ph.D.'s.".   Khan had abstruse about gas centrifuges if he formed on uranium accessory technology for a Dutch aggregation from 1972 to 1975. Khan says he and his colleagues devised "a action to buy aggregate we bare in the accessible bazaar to lay the foundation of a acceptable basement and would again about-face over to aboriginal production." In 1983 Khan was bedevilled in absentia for aggravating to abduct accessory secrets from the Netherlands. He denies the charges, and his confidence was chaotic in 1986.In 1990, Pakistan President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, acclaimed A.Q. Khan's contributions to the nuclear acreage and declared: "The name of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan will be inscribed in aureate belletrist in the account of the civic history of Pakistan." And even Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has accustomed his "invaluable addition not alone in the nuclear acreage but aswell in added fields including aegis production."