No Easy Day Urdu Translation

No Easy Day Urdu Translation

Free download book No Easy Day in Urdu .The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Dead Osama bin Laden (2012) is a aggressive account by Matt Bissonnette beneath the pen name Mark Owen, a above affiliate of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) who alternate in the mission that resulted in the afterlife of Osama bin Laden. The book data Owen's career with DEVGRU, including several action missions in which he alternate with the unit. At atomic bisected of the book focuses on Owen's accord in the mission that dead bin Laden. Owen and his publisher's accommodation to absolution the book afterwards aboriginal appointment it for United States Department of Defense (DoD) analysis generated controversy. The DoD claims that the book contains classified information, which the book's administrator denies. In backward August 2012, beforehand publicity collection the book to the top of the and Barnes & best-seller lists,[3] bumped up the antecedent book run from 300,000 copies to 575,000, and led the administrator to absolution the book on September 4, a anniversary beforehand than the originally planned September 11 absolution date. It aswell fabricated the New York Times novel list. Shortly afterwards the book's announcement, Owen's character was appear as Matt Bissonnette; the Department of Defense accepted that he was the author. For media appearances, including an account on 60 Minutes, Owen appeared incognito.



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