Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report by Tariq ismail sagar

حمود الرحمن کمیشن رپورٹ از طارق اسمٰعیل ساگر

 آخری سنگنل کی کہا نی

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report by Tariq ismail sagar

The report of the Hamoodur Rehman Commission into the 1971 War(As declassified by the Government of Pakistan) is more than just an investigation into what happened in 1971 in East Pakistan. It is in fact the views of three eminent Pakistani judges, Mr. Justice Hamoodur Rehman, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Anwarul Haq, Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, and Mr. Justice Tufailali Abdur Rahman, Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court, on the history of Pakistan from August 1947 to October 1958, when Pakistan was a floundering democracy, and the subsequent periods of Martial law under General Ayub Khan and General Yahya Khan. It gives an analysis of the intentions of General Yahya Khan and his cohorts, which may not be found elsewhere in the official history of Pakistan because the report had remained secret till recently. The Report studies the international scene on the eve of the fall of Dhaka and, more importantly, goes into the strategic thinking of the Pakistan army. It calls in question the theory that 'the defence of East Pakistan lies in West Pakistan'. and reveals that the GHQ had done nothing to underpin its own strategic thinking with preparedness. It examines the events in East Pakistan before the outbreak of disturbances there and minutely analyses the surrender of the Pakistan army in Dhaka.