Rah e Amal Maulana Jaleel Ahsan Nadvi

راہِ عمل

 نبی کریم کے ارشادات گرامی کا مجموع مرتبہ

مولانا جلیل احسن ندوی

Rah-e-Amal Maulana Jaleel Ahsan Nadvi

In this book, a detailed assessment of the past, the present and the future has been made in the light of the Quran and the tradition of the Prophet. After making this assessment the author suggested that avoiding unnecessary confrontation we should adopt the policy of peaceful activism. If we engage ourselves in confronting with others we will lose even the available opportunities as our earlier Muslim religious scholars have lost. He laid great emphasis on dawah work. To him all success lies in performing dawah work and so he advised us to continue dawah work with patience and perseverance.