Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi by Qazi Abdul Sattar Urdu Novel Download

صلاح الدین ایوبی

 قاضی عبدالستار

Salahuddin Ayubi by Qazi Abdul Sattar is very good novel on the Islamic hero. Get free pdf copy book of this history and biography and work of Salahuddin Ayubi, the Urdu novel about life story and achievements of Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi this Urdu novel written by Qazi Abdul Sattar. Salahuddin Ayubi  He battled against the assembled powers of Europe and crushed them in the clash of Hattin. Sultan Salahuddin regarded as the saint of Crusade wars. He vanquished Bait Ul Muqaddas and crushed Crusaders. The writer write that novel after detailed study and with authenticate references. You will find some hidden and amazing aspects of the great hero. A true gift for history lovers. You may be read Das Fateh and Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi