Million Dollar Spy by Mushtaq Jadoon Swabi

ملین ڈالر سپائی

 مصنف مشتاق جدون صوابی

Million Dollar Spy by Mushtaq Jadoon Swabi

The Million Dollar Spy (Espionage and Secret Missions of Mossad the Israil Secret Service) by Mushtaq Jadoon Sawabi is a analysis plan on the Espionages and Secret Missions of Mossad the Israil Secret Service adjoin assorted countries. There are abounding analysis plan books on Mossad in English and added langauges but there was none in Urdu Langauge. Mushtaq Jadoon Sawabi with a abundant accomplishment produced this book by account all books and account actual accessible in libraries of Pakistan. Followings are the capacity of this book: Espionage Terms, Mossad, Military Intelligence (AMAN), Hijacking of MiG-21 Plane, Operation Moses, The Million Dollar Spy, Operation Babylon, Munich Operation, Blue Prints of Mirage, Hijacking of the Boats of Cherbourg, Minister of Death, The Champagne Spy, Serial Hijacking, Operation Tiger, Select Operation Abu Jehad, Harbour Insurance, Mystic Murder of Lady Diana, Spy in a Coffin, Operation Uranium Ship, Rogue Operation, Mossad and RAW Target Pakistan.This Urdu book is neither fiction nor a atypical one but this book contains the absolute facts, belief and abhorrence of the belled abstruse account of Israel namely Mossad. This book is the cessation of 8 years accomplished and analysis about this belled abstruse bureau of Israel. The columnist of the book has apparent the Mossad's abstruse operations all over the world. In the said book, the columnist has aswell authentic the abstraction of Spy and espionage. The appellation name of the book is "Million Dollar Spy" and the columnist of the book is Mushtaq Jadon Swabi Wal. You have to adopt this book over on Jasoosi (Spy) novels. There are abounding accepted ability in this book about the past. I will seek for English translated book of this book. Just like my facebook fan page, you will be abreast admitting your facebook timeline about the english adaptation pdf of this book.Download or read online easily without difficulty or effort and chargeless pdf copy of this book click given below links.



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