Babul O Nainwa by Aslam Rahi History Novel in Urdu PDF Download

بابل و نینوا

 اسلم راہی

Babul Nainwa Aslam Rahi

Free download very famous Urdu  History novel Babul o Nainwa written by Aslam Rahi.Aslam Rahi MA is the writer of the Urdu book Babul O Nainwa Pdf. The book contains the tale about history of Babal civilization, a popular city of Babalon human advancement and they were the most advanced urban communities of the Babylon development. This development was most socialized and all around advanced of his opportunity. They developed tremendous structures and discovered information. The creator revealed some abnormal stories about Babal and Naniwa. He utilized the Quranic references too.Muhammad Aslam Rahi is a superb name ever. He composed an extensive number of History books in the Urdu language on the subject of history.The author portrays the urban areas of Babul and Naniwa in this novel. The general population of Babul developed colossal structures and strongholds. The essayist educated numerous peculiar things regarding Babul and Naniwa in the Urdu book. Easy download pdf copy from this online internet library.  

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