Islam Ka Nizam-e-Iffat Wa Asmat by Maulana Zafeeruddin PDF Book

The System of  Chaste in Urdu Free PDF Book

اسلام کا نظام عفت وعصمت

مولانا محمد ظفیرالدین 

Islam Ka Nizam-e-Iffat

Free Islamic Urdu read online or download in PDF format title name of this book is Islam Ka Nizam-e-Iffat Wa Asmat authored by Maulana Zafeeruddin. this book highlighting the reasonable contrast about ladies in Islam and in the west. The writer compares western society and Islamic Society for woman relation. Read women in Islamic culture and democracy and The status of ladies in Islam is the same as that of men. Directives of respect and regard are the same for both sexual orientations. However Islam considers man to be man and lady as a lady, and considering the common contrasts, it advocates the standard of the division of work between the two genders instead of the correspondence of work, read in the Urdu language. 

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