Ameer Taimoor by Harold Lamb PDF Free Download

The Earth Shaker in Urdu by Muhammad Inayatullah

امیر تیمور 

عنایت اللہ

Ameer Taimoor Harold Lamb

This Urdu translation book of Tamerlane The Earth Shaker Free download Historical and Biography Urdu book Ameer Taimoor was written by Harold Lamb and Translate into the Urdu language by Muhammad Inayatullah Dehlvi. Amir Taimur Jis Dunya hila Dali now in PDF format download or read online from below links. Harold Lamb is the famous American movies scriptwriter, story maker, Novelist and Shor Stories writer, He writes many popular books. was an author for Adventure books and a fantastic authentic writer, being viewed as a specialist on the periods he expounded on. Tamerlane is a Westernization of the Persian story of Tamer Lenk. This book is authorized Urdu translation of Tamerlane; The Earth Shaker.A pleasant book story based on history read history of Tamerlane Emir Timur with pictures now download in PDF or read online.

Amir Taimur Urdu