1947 Ke Mazalim Ki Kahani By Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai

Atrocities Story of 1947 Book in Urdu

١٩٤٧ کے مظالم کی کہانی

خود مظلوموں کی زبانی

حکیم محمّد طارق محمود چغتائی

1947 Ke Mazalim Ki Kahan

Download Urdu historical book "1947 Ke Mazalim Ki Kahani Khud Mazlomon Ki Zubani" means Atrocities story of 1947 The victims of verbal written by Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtai. Study the stunning stories of the pure Indian Muslims who were relocating to Pakistan in 1947 after Pakistan appeared. The Urdu book wrote with regards to the freedom of Pakistan and the relocation from India to Pakistan. As indicated by a report, more than 30 million individuals relocated. On relocation, they confronted awesome challenges and slaughtered. This Book Kay Mazalim Ki Kahani Khud Mazloomon Ki Zubani show our history characters and behavior each other of two nation Muslim and Hindu during partition India and Pakistan, behind and hard stories of independence day of Pakistan and India. This e-book in PDF format easy download or read online total 474 pages. 
Atrocities Story 1947 Urdu