Hidden Truth End of Time in Urdu by Shahid Masood


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Hidden truth in Urdu Shahid Masood

Hidden Truth End of Time By Dr. Shahid Masood An Urdu book assuming the signs of the Day of Judgment through Quran, Hadith & todays Current Affairs. This Urdu Book boasts a accumulating of talk-shows which were originally aired on the approach ARY Digital We all apperceive that a amount of books are accessible which portray the Jewish and Christian perspectives. I accept endeavored to accord a accumulation of facts and signs prophesised by the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). Each Muslim put stock in the day of judgment (Qayamt Ka Din) And Allah itself says in Holly Quran that " beyond any doubt there is a judgment day yet a few people don't trust it".Qayamat is an arabic word implies " to stand up" basic we can state on the day every one of the general population in any condition will stand up together Or we can state that importance of qayamat mean the day when the universe will be demolished.In this book Dr Shahid Masood expounds on the judgment day or baroz-e-Qayamat.